Your first visit is a day at the park!

Getting to know our doctors will be a fun and enjoyable experience for you, your child, and us.

We will review your child’s history, and make sure you are comfortable with our procedures and staff. Below are several questions that you may have before your first visit.

What should I bring on my first visit?

On your first visit to our office, please bring your insurance card and our New Patient Packet completed if unable to complete it electronically. If you have not completed it prior to your reservation, please come 15 minutes early so it can be completed and we can see your child on time.

We check insurance eligibility prior to your child’s reservation so please provide our office with your insurance information as soon as possible. The easiest way is by texting a picture of the front and back of your insurance card to our office.

A legal guardian must accompany the child/children to the visit.

Please bring your New Patient Packet filled out.

Schedule a visit!

Do you accept insurance?

We accept ALL dental insurances and file claims as a courtesy to our patients. The portion that is not covered by your insurance policy will be your responsibility.

Please realize that your insurance policy is a contract between you, your employer and your insurance company, and not our dental office. We have no control over the terms of your contract, the methods of reimbursement or the determination of benefits. All insurance companies are different and you are responsible for knowing your provisions.

What can I expect to pay for my child’s visit?

We would be happy to discuss fees and insurance questions prior to your first visit in our office. Please call our billing front desk staff for any billing questions you may have.